Bild på S. balanoides


Barnacles on boat hull

Barnacles can cause much inconvenience and can incurr high costs for mans Marine activities because they gladly attach themselves to the submerged parts of ships, platforms, bouys and other Marine constructions. This growth makes these constructions heavier, rust more quickly and increases water resistance. To prevent or hinder growth, poisonous paints containing heavy metals, so-called "anti-fouling" are used.
    Ships and plants that pump sea water also have problems, because piping can became fouled. Here, Marine growth is countered by flushing with hot water, freshwater or chemicals.

Other specie

There are 9 specie of barnacle found in Sweden. In shallow water, the Northern rock barnacle, brackish water barnacle and the common rock barnacle are found, but even the humble Verruca stroemia. It is usually smaller than 1,1 cm in diameter, and is easily recognized by its warped form and that it only has two top plates.

Bo Johannesson

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Other specie

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