Sugar kelp

Animal protection

Like the forests on land, few animals feed on the kelp. Animals benefit from the kelp in that it gives them protection from predators. Above the swaying kelp, shoals of small fisk, like the two-spot goby, abound. Larger fish are also present like the goldsinny and ballan wrasse. Down below under the kelp, amongst the stalks and roots, there is more shade and only small gleams of light penetrate the bottom when the leaves sway in the waves. Because the water here is constantly in motion, oxygen deficency is seldom a problem. Amongst the dark red algae, i.e. red encrusting alga thrives. A great many other animals also thrive under the swaying roof, i.e. spongie, hydroids, anemones, sea-mats and polychaetes. Kelp stalk
The kelp leaves provide a sheltering roof above the stalks and roots. White sea-mats are pictured above living on the stalks of finger or sugar kelp.

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Two types
Grows during the winter
Blown asunder
Swaying forests
Animal protection
Three specie of kelp
Lots of kombu
Cures goitre
Used in ice cream

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