Many jellyfish

Stranded Moon jellyfisha beach

Winds and currents have brought together all these jellyfish into shallow water. Now, when the sea-level has subsided they lie marooned on the drained beach. Because jellyfish are composed of up to 95% water, the strong summer sun will dry them out almost completely and almost obliterate any traces of them.

Jellyfish can be large and very obvious - especielly those that sting! Their numbers can vary greatly. In a few hours they can appear in multitudes, seemingly like swarms. Just as they unexpectedly appeared, they can suddenly disappear. In these situations it is often the winds and currents that concentrate and relocate jellyfish.
    There are many different factors that affect the numbers and concentration within a given area. Physical and chemical conditions such as temperature and salt content can influence survival and growth through the different development stages of the jellyfish. Biological factors such as predation, rivalry and food resources are also important factors. It is rarely known what factors have contributed the most when jellyfish appear in large populations.
    Read more in the discussionen area about why cliff living organisms vary in numbers.

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Many jellyfish

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