Stroke a stinging jellyfish?

Boy and jellyfish

In Swedish waters there are no dangerous varieties of jellyfish, but the lion´s mane, cyanea palmstruchi, and the compass jellyfish, are sufficiently unpleasant to warrant caution.
    Jellyfish that sting can be handled on the "umbrellas" upper side - without getting stung. Just avoid the tentacles and the mouth arms. If you should be stung try and rinse away the tentacles with sea water. Do not try to rinse with freshwater or rub the area, doing so can activate more stinging cells. It is also possible to scrape for example with a cash card, shave with a razor blade or use tape to remove the tentacles. Chill the stung area to reduce soreness. In the pharmacy you can buy salve that is pain-relieving or anti-inflationary. If the soreness is considerable, or the eyes are affected, professional medical advice should be soughted.
    By reading the pages about the moon jellyfish you can learn more about the biology of the jellyfish.

Bo Johannesson

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Stroke a stinging jellyfish?

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