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Over-fertilization in Swedish waters

Girl in over-fertilized bay32 kB

A splendid outing?

It is a warm and sunny day during the summer of 1998. A family in a city long to get away and agree on a trip to the sea where they can bathe, lay in the sun and generally have a nice day.
   The father of the family suggests that they should visit an island in the archipelago, that he himself visited with his father, brothers and sisters when he was young.

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A splendid outing ?
Problems and expectations
”It was better before"
Seawater and soluble salts
The sea moves
Coastal waters are close to us
What is eutrofication?
Sources of over-fertilization
How the open masses of water are effected
How shallow bays are effected
What can we do?
Alga harvest

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