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If a species is disturbed in its development or even eradicated, the result is that important functions can disapper without it being replaced by another species. Should for example, bladder wrack in the Baltic disappear or decrease in density, the results would be catastrophic for a countless number of small creatures that live amongst the wrack.
    As along the Swedish west coast, the occurrence of the finely threaded green algae appears to be on the increase, also in the Baltic. It "suffocates" the other macroalgae, for example bladder wrack, which results in widespread ecological effects. A massive growth of green algae also results in cliffs and beach areas becaming a disagreeable place to visit.
    In another window you can see a picture that summarizes the effects of over-fertilization.

What can we do - ways to a tenable development

Clean water
We can make it both more enjoyable to swim and easier for many organisms to survive by decreasing over-fertilization.
The miserable picture that we have drawn may make you think that a hopless situation exists. It is true that the nitrogen and phosphorous load does widespread damage and causes changes in the ecosystems along our coastline, but there are measures that we can take and that are being taken now to try and improve the situation. Measures are being taken in a larger perspective in the form of political policies and international agreements. Furthermore, as a citizen and a private person we can act and do things to improve the environment.
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