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Authorities, organisations and companies have a lot of power, and therefore, a great responsibility so that pollution ceases. What they can accomplish can be achieved fast and effectively, but what can you do?
    - We can at least buy gods and travel in such a way that damages the environment as little as possible. If a great many follow this advice, the effect will be even greater. We can also try to affect important decisions by working politically or in some other way that we deem suitable.
Environmentalists show what otherwise is hidden under the surface. This discharge originates from a Belgian factory outside Antwerp.

Alga harvest

With Common Market support, the regional County Council of Västra Götaland and the University of Göteborg are conducting a project to try and solve the problem of the filamentous algae in the shallow bays along the coast. Even if the different measures that have been taken to reduce the quantities of nutrients that reach the sea, the problem still remains as many of the nutrients are stored in organisms and the bottom sediment.
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A splendid outing ?
Problems and expectations
”It was better before"
Seawater and soluble salts
The sea moves
Coastal waters are close to us
What is eutrofication?
Sources of over-fertilization
How the open masses of water are effected
How shallow bays are effected
What can we do?
Alga harvest

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