Stalked jellyfish - Stauromedusae

Scientific names: The Greek stauros means cross. Medusa is a Latinisation of medousa which in Greek mythology was one of three monstrous gorgans, daughters to the sea god Forkys and the sea monster Keto.
Other English names: Sessile jellyfish.

Box jellyfish - Cubozoa

Scientific names: Cubo comes from the Greek word kybos, meaning cube. Zoon is the Greek word for animal.
Other Eenglish names: Sea wasps.

Corals - Anthozoa

Scientific names: The Greek words anthos means flower and zoon, animals.

Octocorals - Alcyonaria

Scientific names: The Greek word alkyon means sea foam.
Other scientific names: Octocorallia.

Soft corals - Alcyonacida

Scientific names: The Greek word alkyon means sea foam and the ending -ida refers to an order in a systematic classification.

Sea fans - Gorgonacida

Scientific names: In Greek mythology there were three dreadfull female monsters known as gorgans. They were called Steino, Evryale och Medusa. The Greek word gorgos means fear. The ending -ida is an order in a systematic classification.
Other English names: Sea whips.

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