Hydractinia echinata 0,2 cm.

Lion´s mane jellyfish 30 cm.

Coelenterate 20 cm.

Cup coral 2 cm.

Sea-pen 100 cm.

Moon jellyfish 20 cm.

Sea-pen 25 cm.
The group cnidaria includes organisms with large variations in size and appearance. This group includes the hydroids (e.g. hydractinia echinata), the jellyfish (e.g. lion´s mane jellyfish) and other cnidarians (e.g. sea-pens, cup coral and the coelentrates). What have they got in common? Do they percieve? Can a jellyfish see? How kan jellyfish that consist predominantly of jelly, live? What and how do cnidarians eat? Why are they called cnidarians? Is it because of their stinging cells?

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