Other names for the cnidarian sub-groups

Cnidarian - Cnidaria

Scientific names: Cnidaria comes from the Greek word knide meaning nettle and the Latin aria meaning -like.
Other scientific names: Coelenterata.


Scientific names: The hydra was an aquatic snake in Greek mythology. Hydra can also refer to the Greek word for water : hydor. Zoon is also Greek and means animal.

Hydroids - Leptolida

Scientific names: The Greek leptos means fine, thin, slim, weak and little. The ending -ida refers to an order in a systematic classification.
Other scientific names: Hydroida.
Other English names: Sea-firs and hydromedusae.

Siphonophores - Siphonophora

Scientific names: The Greek word siphonophora is the result of two words; siphonos, meaning tube or pipe and phoreus, meaning carrier.
Other English names: Siphonophorans.

Jellyfish - Scyphozoa

Scientific names: Scyphozoa comes from the Greek word skyphos, meaning cup and zoon, meaning animal.

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