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Cliff and rocky beach ecologi

Cliff and rocky beach ecologi

Cliffs and rocks are fantastic!

Diver on cliffs It wonderful to jump or dive from the cliffs or to lie on the sun warmed rocks after a swim in the sea. Here on the hard bottoms are some of the most luxuriant Marine environments. The life that exists on the rocks just under the waters surface is wonderfully rich in colour and form. Visiting a rocky beach can be both a fantastic nature experience and very informative. If you put on a diving mask before entering the water, you can see fish, seaweed and a throng of small creatures, really close-up. With the aid of a vattenkikare, you can also see a great deal from land without getting wet. If you see something that you want to pick up, you can use a net or a rake.
This polychaete (Phyllodoce citrina, approx 15 cm long) is one of the many fantastic organisms that live amongst the rocks.

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Cliffs and rocks are fantastiska!
Zoning and flecked occurrence
Animals that are attached
Modular occurrence
Variation and change
Variations in water level
Wave exposure
Both cliffs and rocks
Freshwater and saltwater
Geography, climate and history
Organisms life cycle
Organisms effect on each other
Energy and the flow of material

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