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 Reasons for aquaculture


There are several reasons for practising aquaculture; the production of fish, mussels and crustaceans for human consumption; fish are cultivated to compensate or strengthen the natural population; the production of bait fish, aquarium fish, mussels for the pearl industry and algae for chemical, medicine and food industries and for water purification. Swedish aquaculture is concentrated mainly in the production of fish in lakes, rivers and neted enclosures along the coasts with the aim of replenishing depleted stocks and the introduction for sportfishing activities. Compared to the other Scandinavian countries, the development of aquacultural activities in Sweden is quite slow. This can be the result of several factors, such as knowledge of its negative effects on the environment, a cautious nature and the lack of a strong "sell organisation" for aquacultural products. It can also be due to the fact that coastal areas are used for outdoor pastimes.


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