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In the shop it is possible to buy fresh, smoked, preserved and frozen blue mussels. During harvesting, the mussels are rinsed and sorted, while small and dead mussels, aswell as stones and rocks are thrown away. They are then packed in crates or net bags and transported to wholesalers in refrigerated vehicles. Mussels remain fresh for about a week during the winter and somewhat shorter during the summer.
    In the Netherlands, where mussels are boiled before delivery, a more advanced technique for cleaning and sorting is used. After tumbling and the thicker byssus threads have been removed they are sent through a maskin with rotating rollers and there after boiled in a pressure cooker. By varying the pressure in the cooker, the mussel loosens completely from its shell. The next stage is a separation bath where the mussel meat floats on the surface and the shells sink to the bottom. After boiling the mussels are ready to be canned or frozen.
    In comparison with oysters blue mussels are stronger in taste, which is the reason why blue mussels are not eaten au naturel (raw and alive) as extensively as with oysters.
    Blue mussel meat has a high nutritional value. Mussel protein contains vital amino acids, several minerals and certain vitamins. Fat content is low, about 2%.

Mussel soup (4 port.)

Time 20 minutes


  1 litre (0,6 kg) mussels

  2 onions

  1 paprika

  Some parsley

  2 dl cream

  Toasted white bread


  Rinse the mussels and brush off the byssus threads.

  Chop the onion, paprika and parsley.

  Put the ingredients into a saucepan and add the cream.

  Boil up and let simmer for about 5 minutes.

  Serve with toast.


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