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Fish dominate amongst the vertebrates and the most common are specie of carp, salmon and catfish. Carp dominates amongst freshwater farms, while salmon is cultivated in both salt and freshwater. Salmon is cultivated mostly in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere, while the catfish is common in the southern USA.
    In brackish water, mostly in Japan, mullet and eel are cultivated, while in tropical waters, milkfish (Fam: Chanidae) is common. Furthermore, the cultivation of different flatfish is common in amongst others, Great Britian. Other vertebrate specie that are cultivated include frogs, turtles and crocodiles, but this type of cultivation is on a small scale and as yet, of little significance.
    Amongst the invertebrates, different specie of blue mussel are cultivated, with Spain and the Netherlands as the leading nations. Even oysters and the south Asian giant shrimp are cultivated in large quantities.
    Mainly in Japan, China and Korea, red algae of the Porphyra family is cultivated. Other algae that is farm are the green algae enteromrpha intestinalis and sea-lettuce and the brown algae Undaria pinnatifida and different specie of kelp.




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